Shell Package

Handcrafted / Milled Log Shell Package 

Based on Log Shell of 100K min. Value.


  • Hand - Peeled Logs.
  • Handcrafted or Milled Construction.
  • Base Round anchor bolt's.
  • Interior / Exterior screw jacks.
  • Log railing and stairs directly connected to building.
  • Log floor joists for loft area.
  • Em - Seal / P - Cell gasket, fiberglass insulation in notches & grooves.
  • Window / Door openings cut, trimmed & sanded.  Angle Iron installed.
  • Interior partition wall slots cut in log walls.
  • Log end trims cut & sanded.
  • Electrical boxes & light holes cut.  Thru chases drilled in walls w/ pull wires installed on re-assembly.
  • Shipping freight to client's job site.  Shipping at additional cost for projects under 100 K.
  • Re-assembly labor of shell pkg. at job site.
  • Crane rental for re-assembly of shell pkg.  Alberta sites only.
  • Log Roof Framing pieces as per design specs.

Optional Upgrades

  • Exterior log stain:  1st coat application
  • Arched end trims
  • Log Entry Gates
  • Detached log Garage
  • Log Rafters
  • Carports, Porches, log Portico.

Finishing Package to dry in stage.

       1)  Roof framing and finishing.  See the construction page rendering.

       2)  Gabel ends framed and finished on the exterior.

       3)  Soffit and fascia installed.

       4)  Framing of window and door openings.  Installation and exterior finishing of client supplied window and door unit's.  

Client Items 

  • Architectural Drawings, Fees etc. 
  • Window & Door unit's.
  • General contractor items. Foundation & Sub - Floor system /  Plumbing, electrical, interior finish carpentry, heating, flooring, cabinets, lighting and all finishing fixtures, decks etc.                                                                                                                                                                    

Site Info


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