Why buy a high end handcrafted or milled log home from Legacy?

1) Un-surpassed log joinery system.
2) Large diameter logs whose average mid-point diameter is 15”. Compare this to what other builder’s offer.
3) One whose price includes delivery & set-up and world wide shipping.
4) For a maximum return on your investment, you can’t afford not too!

Will the logs need chinking?

Absolutely not! Chinking is a four letter word to us. The work that goes into our lateral groove is five times the work of a chinked style home. Many chinked homes have virtually no work in the laterals at all. To us, a truly handcrafted home is one where each log is perfectly mated to the one below for a wood to wood fit.

When do I need to place my order to insure a summer delivery?

A lot depends on the size of the project and of course the weather. Ideally plans need to be finalized in the summer the year before the delivery time. We need to know what projects are on board for the following year, so that in November we have time to get the logs in from the forest. Planning is the key. It’s not uncommon for folks to take up to a year, just designing and making changes to their floor plan. Floor plans need to be finalized no later than September and contracts need to be signed no later than October / November for a summer delivery the following year. The sooner we know what project's we have for the winter building season, the better. MILLED CABINS CAN BE ORDERED AT ANY TIME OF YEAR.

How is a shell package paid for?

A shell package is paid for by a series of scheduled draw payments. As the construction of the shell progresses, here in our yard, the draw payments are made. Terms & conditions apply.

What "R" value do the logs have?

Simply put, they don’t. R-value is a term that is given to conventional framed houses. It is a man made measurement for a man made product, fiberglass insulation. The "R" stands for "resistance". So the R-value is the measure of resistance to heat transfer in a framed wall. Logs are an organic living organism, NOT man made.

A log wall works on the opposite principle of "Thermal Mass". Logs conduct heat and store heat inside the log, then over a period of time, they slowly release that stored heat back into the house. A log home is cool inside in the summer and warm inside in the winter. I personally believe that a log home is far more energy efficient than any conventional style constructed home. You just can’t improve on Mother Nature. For more detailed info please refer to the following article: logbuilding.org/RValueLogs.pdf

What exterior finish is best for the logs?

We recommend the industries no. 1 rated finish which is " WoodGuard". It is a log home finish that is U.S. EPA registered wood preservative. It has anti-mold & decay properties. It is toxic to any wood boring insect and will not ever crack or peel over it's life span of 5 - 7 year's.

Are all handcrafted homes the same? No!

Handcrafted homes are divided into three types of construction. First is the "CHINK" style. Second is the single scribe handcrafted construction. Third is the double scribe handcrafted construction. When comparing handcrafted log homes, it is important to compare companies using the same construction methods in order to get a fair comparison of joinery,price and quality.

What is your IDEAL project size?

Our ideal project size is a home with a total square footage around 2400. This would be the main floor plus the loft area.

Why do you build with Pine Logs?

Pine is readily available in Alberta. Pine logs offer our client's a custom one of a kind building. Pine logs have several different shapes being round, egg shaped, and even triangular shaped logs. Also pine logs can have character features in them such as cat faces. These features give the home added value. Because of these feature's, pine logs require a more skilled craftsman to work with them. Every pine log is unique in shape, form and character. No two logs are exactly the same. Pine also takes on log stains & finishes, very well.

What about using Cedar logs?

Cedar logs are resistant to decay. They are best suited for more wetter climates. The logs have very straight grain and are very easy to work with. The dark red heart wood and lighter outer sap wood offer a beautiful contrast. When considering the use of cedar in a home, the first question that needs to be asked is am I allergic to the cedar aroma? Cedar logs also come at a premium price. One drawback with cedar is that larger diameter logs tend to have a portion of center rot to them. Cedar also takes on and receives exterior log stains & finishes, very well.

What is single scribe construction?

Single scribe construction is where there is only one lateral groove. This groove is a typical upside down "V". There is no kerf cut made on the lower log. This construction method is also known as the Scandinavian Full Scribe method.

What is the most economical house to build?

The most cost effective house to build is one that has four square corner's. The building can be either square or rectangle in design.

What are the most basic house designs?

First is the square or rectangle shape home. Second is the "L" shaped home. Third is the "T" shaped home. Forth is the "+" crossed shape home.

Do you build your homes to turn key?

Legacy does not build our homes to the turn key or lock and key completed stage. It's best to specialize in one area and do that well. For us that is building log walls and log roof framing pieces. On projects that are a fair distance from the log yard, it is not cost effective for us. There are local contractor's in your area that can do the job better and cheaper. We do however offer a finishing package that takes the log shell after re-assembly to the lock up stage. We offer this service on smaller sized project's. See a 3-D rendering of the finishing package on the Construction page.

What are the main differences between handcrafted and milled log construction types?

The main difference is the amount of work that is required to produce a building. The handcrafted construction is the most labor intensive construction of all the building types on the market today. For our milled buildings, we mill two parallel flat sides where the log courses stack on top of each other. Log lags are used to fasten the logs into place. Two grooves are cut on the flat surfaces for the log gasket to be placed in. Milled logs that have one or two sides that are round, the round side is not a milled curve that is uniform from log to log. This gives our milled logs a bit of handcrafted look and separates our milled construction apart from the industry norm, where every log is exactly the same which lends itself to a cookie cutter look. Milled log construction is more affordable for most folks.

What are the top three mistakes folks make in a custom home?

The number one mistake made is building too much house for the budget. Time and time again, folks try to build too large of a home for their too little budget. A good budget will have room for a 30,000 cost over run. The number two most common mistake made is having the first base logs too close to the ground, even in area's where there is no snow. Logs that are continually exposed to rain back splash or are constantly sitting in snow will tend to breakdown faster than those that are kept clear from weather. The third most common mistake made is not building enough roof overhang to protect the log walls underneath. There are many area's of the home where corner's can be cut in order to save money. The roof is not one of them. If the roof is wrong, then everything else under the roof is wrong. Ample overhangs both on the gable ends and eaves will protect the log walls for decades to come.

These are our most asked questions.

If you have a question that is not addressed here please feel free to email: legacylogsinc@gmail.com We’d love to here from you to discuss the possibilities of your very own handcrafted log home. After all,

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