Basic Cost Estimating



               HANDCRAFTED CONSTRUCTION:  Designed for White Collar Incomes and Professionals.

            In the log home industry, the full scribe handcrafted home is the top of the line.  Here you will find the highest quality in craftsmanship. The handcrafted log construction is also the most labor intensive to produce, and this is directly related to the overall cost.

         <<  Our Final contract price is based upon the final blue print drawings that the owner gives us.  >>

 Basic price estimating:  LOG SHELL VALUE IS APROX.  1/3 OF TURN - KEY.  For example:  Turn - Key estimate is 300,000 /  Log Shell is 100,000  A suggested minimum budget would be around 250.00 / Sq. Ft.

Log Shell Packages starting from:  60.00 -  100.00 Sq. Ft.

        Double Scribe Construction:  Min. project size is 1,000 sq. ft. on main floor.

        Single Scribe Construction:    Applies to projects or cabins 500 sq. ft. and up.

             MILLED CONSTRUCTION:  Designed for Blue Collar incomes.

            A suggested minimum turn - key budget would be around 150.00  -  175.00 sq. ft.  The log shell value would be around 25 %  For example:  Log shell value is 50,000 ; then the turn - key budget should be around 200,000.

Log Shell Packages only starting around 35.00 sq. ft. 

PROJECT BOOKING FEE:  500.00  Non - refundable.  This fee help's us plan our yearly log yard operations.  We have a limited number of project's that we can produce in a given year.  For us to say yes to you, then that mean's we have to say no or say not till next year to another prospective client.  Payment can be made with most major credit cards over the phone or with debit card here at the office.  The fee is credited toward the project's total owing, so it is not wasted.

For cabin's under 1,000 on the main floor, see the sizing graph on the construction page.  This graph shows how the most common cabin sizes compare in size to each other.


      The following sizes are a suggested minimum for a one or two bedroom home on the main floor. 

( 1 )  Bedroom M. F.   26 x 28  728 sq. ft. /  24 x 36  864 sq. ft.

( 2 )  Bedrooms M. F.  28 x 36  1008  sq. ft.



                    Design & Drafting Service

           Legacy is pleased to have the designer's & architects at RCM CAD  to help our client's with their drawings and design idea's.  They are professionals in their field, who specialize in log home design.  We will also offer imput assistance into your individual project.  For those client's looking to build a home on a tighter budget, we have a collection of the top 30 most popular log home plans in North America.  These plans focus on efficient use of every sq. ft. of living space and are cost effective to build in their simple straight forward design.  Ref:  Best Log Home Plans by Robbin Obomsawin.  Available at

 To view stock floor plans and to get started designing your very own log masterpiece, visit RCM CAD's web site at:


  • Aquire land.
  • Secure financing if required and set budget based on the qualifing amount.
  • Begin initial consultation process with log builder.  
  • Choose a stock floor plan or your own custom design based on your budget and your building site location.
  • Book your project as soon as possible to ensure your position in our log yard.  Very limited space is available from year to year.
  • Finalize floor plans.  Submitt drawings to log builder for review.
  • Sign log shell contract and make the first draw payment.
  • Set delivery timeline of log shell package.
  • Hire general contractor or be your own G.C.
  • Install foundation, power etc.  Install sub - floor system.
  • Take delivery of log shell package.  Re-assembly of log shell on site.
  • Order window & door unit's.
  • Instal finishing package to dry in stage.
  • General Contractor takes over and organizes the trades to bring the home to a completed turn - key project.


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