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Welcome to log homes, pine & cedar log homes, small log homes, handcrafted log homes by Legacy Log Homes Inc.  Our log yard is located near Cochrane, Alberta Canada.

Legacy builds with lodgepole pine with western red cedar from BC as an option.  We personally go to the northern slow growth forest in Alberta and hand select each and every tree.  We use live green wood which works the best for our building system.  These forest are aprox. 200 years old.  The pines are at the end of their life cycle and actually start dying.  We use some of the biggest pine available in all Canada & the US.  The average mid-point diameter is 15".  Log butts are around 17" - 19" in diameter.  For smaller buildings like cabins which are around 500 sq. ft. - 1000 sq. ft., we use smaller diameter logs to keep things in proportion.  Hudge logs in a small building just doesn't look right.

Legacy build’s custom one of a kind log masterpieces.  We do not build massed produced log kits.  We offer three log construction styles.

First:  Post & Panel.  Basically, this is a building that has no notched corner's.

Second:  Single Scribe or Scandinavian full scribe.

Third:  Double scribe lateral groove.

More information on these log building styles can be found on the construction details page.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our site. There's only one Legacy.........YOURS!!

What will your Legacy look like?

We look forward to hearing from you in the near future. We are ready whenever you are.
Dave & Lois Wheatley
Legacy Log Homes Inc.

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